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The many uses for photography #photography

Hydes Pool, Wednesbury

Improvements are being carried out to Wednesbury town centre and so on Sunday, I photographed the work in progress and then moved on to this more scenic spot. Photographs can be informative and they can be decorative. Photography is an art.


I use a DSLR which is the digital equivalent of the old 35mm SLR camera. My Nikon D750 has a 35 mm sensor equivalent to a 35mm film. In the days of film cameras, you could buy standard ISO 100 film or for poor light ISO 400 film. On a modern digital camera, you can adjust the ISO up to much too higher levels making the sensor more sensitive to light.

White Balance

If you shine a blue light on a white card, the card will appear blue. Under a grey sky, the card will appear grey. When you’re taking photographs under a grey sky, you need to compensate for that, otherwise, your image will have a grey cast. On a DSLR like mine, you can set the white balance for sunny days or cloudy days or use a white card to set the camera more precisely.


Photography is a skill and you learn from experience what settings to use and how to compose a photograph. You learn how to keep the camera level, judge the exposure and use the various camera settings. The skill involved makes photography an art and so obviously you can create art not only by taking photographs but also by creative editing. The editing of photographs can be just as important as taking them. You can learn the skill by doing a college course but gaining experience is important too. I taught myself by reading and watching videos.

When you have mastered the basics of photography you can do landscape photography, food photography, engineering photography, wedding photography, events photography… The list is endless. I do them all with the exception of wedding photography which you have to get right the first time and that would be too stressful for me. I do events but those photos aren’t critical and no one pays me so if they are unhappy with the photos it doesn’t matter so much.


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