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Investing for discretionary income. #financefriday

Most people are now aware of rising prices. Energy prices are going up by more than 50% and we have seen steep rises in prices for petrol and diesel. When we have paid for essentials like housing, food, taxation, transport and communications, the money left is our discretionary income which we spend on enjoying life. With inflation now running at around 7%, we have less discretionary income. For people on low incomes, high inflation can mean their discretionary income disappears altogether and they have to choose between heating and eating.

Extra Income

Extra income might come from a part-time job, savings or investments. Investment income can mean the difference between having a holiday or not. For people on lower incomes, even a modest amount of investment income can greatly improve their standard of living. Savings and investments also give us some financial security and peace of mind.

Stock Market

The stock market has been affected by the war in Ukraine. For many investors, this is a good time to buy stocks. Many stock prices began to rise as we appeared to be coming out of the pandemic. Barclays for example went to 200p a share and has now fallen back to just 149p so that indicates some upside. Lloyd’s Banking Group could soar even higher if a solution to the Ukraine conflict comes about. Other companies are still struggling because of the pandemic. I have high hopes for Rolls Royce once the airline industry gets back to normal. I think oil companies BP and Shell are a good bet with the oil price at around $105. Both BP and Shell also offer quarterly dividends. They have both lost assets in Russia but are making high profits and are looking at producing more oil and gas so we don’t have to buy from Russia.


70% of investors with eToro lose money. I currently have a 20% return so maybe they lose money because they invest in crypto? My big worry about eToro is my investment are in US dollars (USD). The dollar is high against the GBP now so my returns look good but the returns in GBP won’t be so good if the GBP appreciates against the USD.

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