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When you don’t know what to believe. #ramble

I have an autoimmune disease and other health problems, so is it safe for me to socialize again now the government has ended all covid restrictions? I checked the BBC website to see what the incidence of covid is now. It says, 1 person in 23 is infected. That’s quite high and suggests that if I go to a big event indoors, I might bump into someone who is infected with the highly infectious omicron variant of the covid virus.

1 in 840?

I decided to check the incidence in my locality. First, I check Sandwell which was 119 cases in 100,000 people. That works out to 1 person in 840 in Sandwell. I also checked Walsall which is slightly higher and Wolverhampton. Lichfield is one of the worst places in the country but not much higher. There must be somewhere in the UK where just about everyone is infected or maybe the data is wrong. With no one testing the data is bound to be wrong but how accurate is the data from the ONS that suggests 1 in 23 people are infected? Can we trust anyone? I don’t know what to believe.

Gas and electricity

We can all look forward to outrageous energy bills in the future. Mine is fixed until August when I expect it to go up by around 60% or more. I don’t trust the company. I looked at their quotes for fixed contracts and the estimated costs were double the cost of being on the standard tariffs. I shall keep a close eye on them. It is the same with my broadband. I saw the cost rise more than 50% so had an online chat with them which didn’t work out so I phoned them and we agreed on a package for 23.95. Then they phoned me again and offered me faster fibre broadband for £22 for an 18-month contract. I have since read the small print and that is an “introductory offer” so they will probably try to rob me blind when the offer and the contract come to an end.


I was hoping to go out and do some photography today but, as usual, it was raining earlier. Maybe it will brighten up this afternoon. Photography is regarded as an art when it is done skillfully. I did a print for a lady this week and she sent me a message earlier saying how pleased she is with it. I did a couple of prints yesterday and one is now displayed in my hallway. I think I’ll hang the second one in my bedroom. I might as well have a home full of art! The one in my hallway is the four seasons picture that I have used to begin today’s post.


I hope to start photographing events outdoors this month. We have a “fun day” in the run-up to the Jubilee celebrations. I’ll probably photograph events over the Jubillee weekend too.


Anyway, this blog is looking good and I have just as many readers as before. I suspect I will get more readers as time goes by. I don’t have a sidebar for widgets or any plug-ins to help with SEO like I did before but I’m not fussy.


I have a postal vote so I’ve already voted. Who should we vote for? Which party sounds most responsible? I really don’t know what to believe. The cynic might say Boris at least knows how to throw a party or three. Both leaders of the Conservative and Labour party have been careless enough to catch covid. Keir Starmer has caught it twice and Boris ended up in intensive care after he caught it mixing with people in a hospital. He also went to a rugby match and spread it around. Neither of them inspires me with confidence. This is the local elections and the candidate I voted for is local and I know him quite well.

Have a nice bank holiday if you’re in the UK.


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