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Beltane celebrations on the beacon. #ramble

The Staffordshire Old Horse Coven had a meet up on Barr Beacon in Staffordshire yesterday to celebrate Beltane which is a celebration just halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice in June. It is associated with fire and is said to be the high point of spring when we first see signs of summer. I think traditionally this would be a time of planting crops. I have used a huge bonfire to clear grass and weeds and make the ground suitable for planting in the past. Maybe this is the connection with fire? Anyway, the coven met up yesterday afternoon in the car park at 2:30. I would have expected them to be there at dawn watching the sun come up. Dawn is a good time to dance naked and do weird things, there are fewer people around…


Sanctions on Russia are having consequences for the west. The war is pushing up prices and we could even see some things rationed. We are civilised however and we should do what we can to support a country that is being attacked. Putin is a paranoid fascist. The far-right has been emboldened in the past few years and we should try to resist such bullying ideology. It is often dressed up as libertarianism, even democracy, but a bully is a bully. Maria Zakharova tries to justify the war on Facebook and delights in telling us it is harming us too. Maria is the director of information in Moscow. In other words, she is Putin’s propaganda puppet. Why doesn’t she post on Russian social media? Is there any such thing in Russia? I’m surprised Russians even have cell phones and computers. The west shares technology with Russia, maybe that will change now?

Oil and gas

Natural Gas is quoted at 7.401 on eToro this morning and Oil at 100.92. I’m not too bothered about oil going up. I don’t use much petrol but I would like enough gas to keep warm next winter. Little Rishi is supposed to be contributing to my winter heating bills but what a strange way of doing it. The rebate on Council tax bills is as weird as his “eat out to help out” plan. That went well, covid cases soared after that moronic intervention.

Bank holiday

I like to watch the stock market but the banks and the stock market are closed today. I might drive somewhere with my camera and take a few pictures. I’m trying to capture images of pubs, corner shops and all those things we take for granted. I have done some framed prints this week that I hope will survive long into the future and tell future generations about what I see today. I’m sure people in the future will wonder why people today buy such ugly cars! I bet Putin has a really brutal looking car and a few real ugly bodyguards to drive him around. I’ll include a few ugly SUVs in my pictures today. I’m not likely to see a beautiful Ferrari around here!


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