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Telling a story #photography

In 2020, the government said the over 70s should isolate or shield, as they later put it. I stocked up on food and decided to isolate myself at home. The government then changed its mind. By then I had a recuring delivery slot with the supermarket and was resigned to the ordeal ahead. Many other people were going on long drives to “test their eyesight” and having all sorts of parties. I obeyed the law and stuck to the restrictions. I decided to pass the time by telling the story of my isolation in photographs with a few words on each picture.

I also put together some montages using pictures from my archive. I printed and framed this picture and it now hangs in my hallway. I think it will attract some attention. It tells the story, very simply, of the four seasons.

During my isolation, I tried to become more observant and to try to photograph the mundane, those things that we see every day but pass us by unnoticed. I took this shot of three pigeons on the roof just three weeks into my isolation.

I did get a little obsessed with photographing my meals. I photographed my breakfast, lunch and dinner and spent time in the garden in between photographing everything and anything there. In between lockdowns, I did venture out to take a few photographs of the mundane not too far away. I photographed the pub nearby and some corner shops.


I’m the admin of the History of Wednesbury on Facebook and I post old photographs and occasional snippets of text that tell the story of the history of Wednesbury. Pictures and words tell the stories in an easy to understand and easy to remember form.


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