Sunday thoughts and ideas. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you once again with a Sunday ramble. According to the BBC, covid infections are down and now only 1 in 50 are infected. Jeremy Hunt says that lockdowns in 2020 could have been avoided if we had organised a better test and trace system. That is standard procedure in a pandemic. If we could have traced contacts and stopped the virus from spreading so fast it would have allowed more time to vaccinate the most vulnerable. We could have also protected people in care homes better. It’s easy to say in hindsight. We must learn from this pandemic, so we can manage the next one better.


We tend to enjoy those things that we are good at. I’m fairly good at writing and photography so I quite enjoy blogging and this new blog seems to be working out quite well. It costs me less money than buying web space too. The cost of living crisis is making us all think about how we manage our money. I intend to photograph an event next Saturday, the first since 2019. I don’t like carrying too much equipment so I’ve been considering what lens to have on my camera. The event is outside so I can work with the minimum of gear. It will be good to stop and talk to people and I think the risk of catching covid will be minimal. I’m not one for hugging people! I like creating images for posterity. People can look back at the photos and maybe remember the event with fondness.

Town centre

The town centre is being renovated with funds from the council and Historic England. I might take a look at how it is progressing today. The local bookshop is trying to crowdfund their business so they can move into a bigger shop. I would like to help, we need a book shop but I don’t think the crowdfunding will succeed. Maybe a community interest company would work better? I might be interested in investing then.


The history and culture of Wednesbury are important. A sense of local culture and history gives people a shared heritage and a sense of belonging in a town. People can get quite irate when things change in the town. Even a name change can set people off! I am a bit traditional. I tend to like the historical names of places like pubs. Names can get lost, they need to be passed from generation to generation. The name of Bromwich Hall got lost as people just called it the Manor House. The council resurrected the correct name for the hall and people complained because their generation had always known it as the Manor House. Of course, to a historian the 17th-century name is important. The name not only distinguishes it from all other manor houses but also makes its location clear.

Cost of living

I’ve been looking at the display for my smart meter now and then. I’m using a lot less gas and electricity now. The bit of sunshine this week allowed me to turn off the fluorescent in my kitchen saving a bit of electricity. I noticed this morning that boiling the water for a cup of tea cost more than the teabag! I’ve been doing laundry just after my hot water heats up so the washing machine doesn’t heat the water using electricity. I might check the timer so I know when my gas-heated hot water is at its hottest and perhaps change the timer so I save money. A little thought can save a few pence a day and pennies add up! I did a little mental arithmetic last night to see how much my dinner cost. Gluten-free sausages are two packs for £4.00. So my two sausages cost 66p. The two baked potatoes cost 20p. So my meal cost 86p which is quite reasonable. It would usually have cost more because I would have cooked some vegetables but yesterday I followed the meal with fruit instead, so the meal cost about £1.00. So Tory MP’s, that is how much a meal really costs cooking from scratch and that is a minimum. It actually cost £1.89 because I had a bottle of Banks’ Amber with it!

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