Photographing events. #photography

The Shine-a-light event comes to Wednesbury on Saturday and there will be an event in the town centre and in Brunswick Park. I’ve decided to photograph the event in the town centre. Often at an event, I’m asked to photograph a group, especially if the mayor is there. I choose a fairly narrow aperture and try to get the exposure right. When I took this shot it was a bit dark and wet. I hope I’ll have good light on Saturday. The forecast says cloudy but sunny which would diffuse the light a little and so be quite good light.

Often at events, I look for shots like this one. This is local historian Tony Highfield who likes to take photos for use in his local history books. This was in Darlaston. I forget the event now but it might have been when Noddy Holder opened a new shop. You can tell by the blurred background that I shot this one with a wide aperture. Metering would have been centre-weighted too. With a wide aperture, you can shoot fast and freeze the action.

Social media

The pictures that I take on Saturday will go on Facebook, Instagram and on this blog. If I get pictures that might interest the local newspaper I might email them over. I’ll probably treat the event like I was doing street photography and try to shoot lots of close up shots with a wide aperture. Those shots are more interesting. There will be music so I might be photographing a band or singer and those shots will be wide-aperture shots as well.

This is a landscape shot I took on my last outing. Editing pictures is important and I sharpened this picture in editing quite a lot. I wanted the silhouette of the goose to be sharply defined and the waves on the water to be clearly visible. That editing made the image a little more interesting.

On Saturday, I’ll be using my Nikon D750 with a 28 – 300 mm lens. That will be a versatile setup that will allow me to zoom in on interesting people and things! I’ll also go to a fun day on Tuesday to celebrate the Jubilee. That should be a good event offering lots of photo opportunities.

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