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It’s not a game though, is it? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share another rambling post. Today’s picture is of the Farley Tower in West Bromwich. I do travel out of Wednesbury on sunny days. It’s cloudy today and I plan to take a few photographs this afternoon. I suppose it will be the white balance on cloudy and up the ISO a bit today!

A pound of flesh

According to one newspaper, I think it was the Mirror, Boris is thinking of bringing back pounds and ounces. I suppose a pound of flesh is marginally better than a kilogram! Will we also get tons with one n instead of tonnes? If Jacob Rees-Mogg has his way we will bring back bushels, flagons and all sorts of archaic measurements. “A flagon of ale innkeeper and I want some change out of that groat!”


Putin didn’t look well in his latest picture. He seemed to be having trouble keeping his eyes open like he was drugged up on morphine. There have been rumours that he is seriously ill. He is certainly paranoid. Always be wary of people who wear their watch on their right wrist; don’t trust them!


The Commons Environmental Audit Committee says the government’s recent decision to relax planning rules may be leading to an unintended increase in demolition. There is carbon locked away in buildings and demolishing buildings is bad for the climate. We really need to insulate older buildings but that might need some research to find the best way to do it. I’ve seen lots of historic buildings demolished in the name of progress and then brutal modern buildings scar our landscapes. We need to find a way to preserve historic buildings and keep them warm in winter.


The world has been asking oil companies to “leave it in the ground”. Now we need them to produce more and fast. They can’t just turn on a tap they need investment and the supplies and equipment to respond to the increase in demand. The oil price is likely to remain high for years and so too the price of natural gas. Now is a good time to insulate and invest in oil and natural gas.

Weekend news

The weekend news isn’t very encouraging, is it? We have a war in Europe, soaring inflation and we have Boris running the country. He’ll be sending staff out for four ounces of cheese and a flagon of wine so he can work at home and avoid things that the newspapers can condemn him for! He would be better avoiding the limelight for a while but he can’t keep his head down. He will soon be in the news again for something even more stupid than party-gate. He’ll probably volunteer to give a speech and it will be a jumble of catchphrases that make him look an even bigger idiot. He really thinks that all the country needs is a good pep talk before the game and all will be hunky-dory. It’s not a game though. is it?


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