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Taking pictures in showery weather. #photography

Pirates Dowen The Cut.

I was out taking photographs on Sunday for the first time in 2 years. I was a little out of practice and judged the light wrong. I set the ISO higher and then changed my mind and set it back to 100. There are dark skies again today and so I will have to think about setting the ISO again and maybe shoot with wider apertures. In this picture are cast members from next year’s pantomime. The pantomime, Pirates Down The Cut will be performed in January 2023.

I didn’t take many photos on Sunday, I was late getting there. I hope to do better today at a Fun Day in the same place. I like to just take random photos but might be asked to photograph people posing for photos. They are presenting the community awards today so I could photograph the winners.


Digital cameras aren’t waterproof and the rain can get into the electrical bits. I have a cover that I can put over the camera but rain can be a big problem and I have to try to keep the camera dry. I’m expecting occasional showers, not a downpour so I should be able to cope with that. I don’t want to carry too much gear around so I’ll just have my camera with a 28 – 300mm lens fitted. I won’t be far away from my car! My camera is 24 megapixels and the frame is 6,000 x 4,000 pixels, so I can crop a lot of an image. The 300mm lens allows me to zoom in a lot and then I can crop if I want to zoom in further.


I should mention that to get good pictures, you do need to edit. I sharpened these images slightly and added a little contrast. I also made them slightly lighter. Subtle adjustment in editing makes all the difference.


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