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In the future… #ramble

I sometimes wonder what life will be like in the future. Will people all be driving electric cars after 2030? I doubt it. The government is building cycle lanes, not new roads. They are also opening new railway stations and building HS2. If I was into conspiracy theories, I would say the writing is on the wall. In 2030 everyone will be expected to walk, cycle and travel by train. I’m glad I can ride a bike, I’ll save up for an electric one!


What happened to all the conspiracy theories that people shared on Facebook throughout the pandemic about the government trying to control us and put microchips in our arms under the guise of vaccination? The far-right appears to have gone quiet unless I’m just immune to their BS. Many of those rumours came from the American far-right and they are under attack now because the liberals now see how dangerous those gun-toting thugs are.

Climate change

It looks like we’re in for another wet summer. At least we don’t have very extreme weather like some countries. Climate change is another major problem that the far-right likes to deny. They can’t face the truth. Does Putin recognise the damage that climate change is doing? I suspect many Russians are glad it is a bit warmer. If Putin doesn’t destroy the earth with nukes he will probably destroy it with negligence. We really need to persuade OPEC to increase production and then make sure Russia leaves its oil in the ground. They can’t be the aggressor without money.


The Jubilee celebrations are nearly over. Boris got booed when he turned up at St Paul’s for the service. His tie was crooked and his hair a mess. His wife looked embarrassed. I missed all of the events but did cook a nice dinner yesterday which I enjoyed with a nice drop of port. I celebrate in my own way!


I watched that old medical drama ‘House’ last night. The acting isn’t too bad and it seems better than many newer dramas. The story was about a blogger and they read her blogs to get a few clues about her lifestyle and maybe what was causing her illness. Lifestyle can affect our health, of course. That will be the government’s excuse to get everyone walking and riding bikes in the future. You heard it here first!


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