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Lockdown photos. #photography

During the lockdowns, I took lots of photos around my home and often photographed my meals. This photo of my breakfast is part of that story and I resized it and added a caption. I was trying to take those photographs under natural light. So I put the food on the worktop by the window. My window faces west and so it was difficult to get enough light some days. The Nikon D750 is quite good in low light though.

In the garden

Some days I managed to get a decent shot in the garden. This was on day 50 and a nice shot of the robin. Having the 28 – 300 lens on my camera all the time allowed me to take a variety of shots. Maybe it wasn’t the ideal lens for some shots but it did the job. I like the green bokeh in this shot. Taking photos in the garden actually got me interested in making the garden more photogenic. I think it was Picasso who had a garden full of wildflowers. I tried to add colour with wildflowers, but it didn’t quite work out as planned. I do have yellow poppies growing now but not where I planted the seed. The weather hasn’t been warm enough for seeds to germinate this year but we’re getting more sunshine now so I’ll plant some more seeds when we have a warmer day.

Colour Splash

Whatever I’m photographing, I like a splash of colour to break up the picture. A brightly coloured narrowboat always gives a canal scene a splash of colour. I sometimes photograph churches and often they have a brightly coloured door that becomes the focus of my shot.


During the lockdowns, I also created a few montages with the pictures I was taking. The montages also tell their stories. Besides photography, the lockdowns made me a little more adventurous with my cooking and our music and poetry group went online so I began to write more poems. I’m still writing poems. Maybe I’ll do a post for my blog and include a poem or two?

I am getting more readers for this blog now. I lost all my readers when it was hacked but now I have free webspace for it with pointing to a free WordPress blog. I’m trying to make it more interesting!


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