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Problems with energy. #ramble


Today’s picture is a montage that I put together during the 2020 lockdowns. Covid cases are going up again, perhaps because people have become complacent or maybe the chief medical officer is complacent? If I was cynical I might say it will teach a few anti-vaxxers a lesson about the benefits of vaccination.

Boris or Keir?

Analysis of a survey by the Observer has concluded that Boris is still a more popular choice for Prime Minister than Keir Starmer. Corbyn was really nasty when attacking Boris Johnson. Keir Starmer is more measured but still comes across as very negative. He attacks the Prime Minister like a barrister out to win. He needs to take a softer approach. He needs to emulate Tony Blair more and develop a nicer personality. Angela Rayner needs to work on her image too. Boris comes across as fun and jolly, he might be a good Prime Minister if he could take things more seriously. We really need a Prime Minister who can forget ideology and take advice from experts.


Ofgem is considering doing something about energy standing charges that hit the most vulnerable disproportionately. That is an obvious thing to do, so why didn’t they do it last year? OFGEM, get a grip! I’d used a pound’s worth of gas and electricity making my cup of tea this morning. If the standing charges were less and the unit price slightly more there would be more incentive to save energy. I suspect the head of OFGEM like Boris isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer…


I have to buy petrol today. The last time I bought some it was £1.59 a litre. I’m sure it will be more expensive today. I not only have to buy some for the car but I need some for the motor mower too! Are people using their cars less? I don’t think so, the roads are just as busy when the school run is on. I think councils should insist on reserving school places for children who live close to the schools so that they can walk to school. That stupid business about giving parents a choice of which school their kids go to has made traffic worse and is obviously bad for the environment and children’s health. Whose idea was that? They are not fit to be part of government whoever it was.


I’ll do some photography today and gets some petrol. I want to pay attention and photograph things that I might ordinarily miss. Maybe I can find a place to go that I don’t normally go to as well. I’ll go exploring! It’s cloudy this morning but the sun breaks through occasionally so quite good weather for it. I’ve been writing a bit of local history this week and I like to find things related to our local history to photograph if I can. I’ve started photographing street signs and they get a response from people. I’m having mobility problems so I can’t walk too far so I have to park quite close to the location to take photos. That can be inhibiting.


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