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The edge land artist. #poetry

I thought I would try a poem on my blog today.

The edge land artist

The spray-paint artist finds a concrete space,

his graffiti exhibition becomes a defiant showcase.

This colour extravaganza of artistic expression,

contrasts with a dark mood borne of depression.


His “tag” tells the like-minded he was here,

shows his defiance and the pretence of no fear.

A million miles from the art sales of Rome,

this deprivation-art has found, an edge-land home.


This is the world of financial drought,

the humiliation of a monthly hand-out.

This is the home of the art-world’s lost soul,

buying paint cans with money from the dole.


The tower block looks down on this desolation,

it knows the pain of this deprivation.

It is a cycle that education tries to break,

but this poor soul, it will forever forsake.


He paints his world in a concrete cave,

and dreams of being the rich man’s slave.

The urban artist in his edge-land street,

is never allowed near the rich man’s skeet.


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