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The Nikon D750. #phtotgraphy

In 2020 during one of the lockdowns, I caught my sleeve on the strap anchor of my camera and it was pulled off a worktop and went crashing to the floor. Disaster! Fortunately, it is insured so I sent it by the courier as instructed for repair and it did come back good as new.


As you can see there are a lot of buttons and switches which might make you think it is hard to use but in fact, those make it easier to use. It is easier to press a button than scroll through menus looking for the setting you need. You do have to remember what each button does and where it is. The camera was set on centre-weighted metering on Sunday and I wanted to set it to matrix metering, to meter the whole frame. I haven’t done much photography during the pandemic and so I haven’t used the camera that much. I couldn’t remember which button it was! It is actually close to the shutter button, which is convenient!

Aperture Priority

I shoot a lot on Aperture Priority, I set the aperture and the camera takes care of the shutter speed. There are exceptions. I use manual if I’m using the flash and if I need a really good photo for an art card or something, I might set both aperture and shutter speed manually to get a faster shutter than usual. The ISO can be set on auto or manual. I usually set it manually but I tried auto the other day and it worked well. My Nikon D3200 wasn’t so good on auto. I got a set of pictures that were all noisy when I had ISO on auto under fluorescent light. On the Nikon D750, it’s easy to switch to video too and I have the shutter button set to trigger video when the video switch is on. There is also a function button which I have set to a guide that helps me keep the camera level.

24 Mp sensor

The sensor on the D750 is twice the size of the one on the D3200 and massive compared to a bridge camera. That means it is good in low light and picks up the light from the shadows. Like the D3200 it is 24 Megapixels and the frame is 6000 x 4000 px which is big enough to do quite large prints. Overall it’s a good camera and very versatile with the 28 – 300mm lens attached.


If you’re just starting out in photography, an entry-level camera like the D3200 will take great pictures. I’ve had photos published in the local newspaper that I took with a bridge camera (in good light). Photographers generally speaking look after their cameras, especially the more expensive ones. You can pick up good ones at bargain prices that are used but still good.


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