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The summer solstice

It’s the summer solstice today and so the longest day here in the northern hemisphere. It’s bright and sunny here in the Black Country and I might manage to take a few photographs today. There are lots of opportunities now. I can go to a local nature reserve or even wander around my garden taking shots of what happens to be there.

Today’s picture.

I composed today’s montage to complete a challenge from 64 Million Artists. The challenge this week involves compiling a playlist of music. I’m spoiled for choice there so I haven’t done it yet. I might do a list of classical music and put Bach’s Air on a G string at the top.

White balance

Setting my white balance on “sunny” is a rare event here in the UK. Now I might take some sunny pictures for the next three months then we’ll be back to dark and dismal for nine months. I should make the most of the light now! I can also shoot at ISO 100 and get fast shutter speeds without checking my exposure constantly. When I have lots of light, street photography is easier too. I can zoom in with my 300mm lens and not worry about camera shake because I can get a really fast shutter speed. Hurrah for summer!

The mundane

I can shoot mundane pictures in the garden. There is a certain skill to being mindful of the world around you even in the garden. My garden changes and birds flit in and out and I occasionally see the squirrels running through or climbing the trees. The plant life changes too as wildflowers appear and disappear.

Above and below

Being aware of what is above and below you can give you interesting shots. You can also do close-up shots in the garden of the flowers and maybe insects too.

The birds make interesting subjects. I zoom in and shoot with a wide aperture. I have a pile of branches from pruning the hedge which attracts the birds.

It’s not only enjoyable wandering around in summer taking pictures. Your art gives pleasure to others who view your images.


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