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In the summertime #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. It is really looking like summertime, it’s 18C already and it’s only 9:15. I might go wandering today and see if I can take a few photographs. I must admit I have photographed everything and anything in the area over the past 14 years so I now find it difficult to think of somewhere to wander, where I haven’t been before! There is always something to photograph if I keep looking, even in spaces I’m familiar with.


I have a hospital appointment this week and they have reintroduced mask-wearing. They should never have stopped requiring people to wear masks. I’ve got hay fever so I’ll struggle to breathe and my mobility isn’t good either. These things are now part of everyday life.


It was our carnival yesterday and they had good weather for it. I didn’t go this time because of my mobility problem. I struggled the last time I went a few years ago. It’s almost impossible to find a parking space too. I’ll have to find other events to go to!

The Black Country

I live in the Black Country (in the UK) and we even have our own flag. It will be Black Country day on the 14th of July. There are usually a few events around the area to celebrate our unique identity. The pandemic brought all that to a standstill of course, but things are slowly returning to normal. I hope the Tipton canal festival will be back in September, that is a good event for taking photographs.

Back online

I’m back online now so I can get back to my usual blogging routine. I now have a fibre optic into my home to a box and I connected the router to it yesterday. That wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I only have to plug a connection in but I couldn’t see the socket, the box is mounted low on the wall. I had to do it by touch! When it was finally connected it had no power and that was because the mains on the plug were not connected properly. I got there in the end, but I wonder how other people get on. I was a BT technician so I think I have an advantage!

I’ll be posting about photography on Tuesday. If you’re in the UK, enjoy the sunshine!


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