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Looking for patterns. #photography

I look for patterns when I’m out and about taking photographs. In today’s picture, it is the steps down to the cut, that is the canal in Black Country dialect. It was very sunny and hot on Sunday so I took a few photos on the Walsall canal. My camera picked up the dark shadow in this scene quite well. When the sun is that intense it can make shooting scenes difficult.


I resized the image from 6000 px wide to 800px wide so it would upload quickly and not waste my storage on this blog. I also added a border using PhotoScape. I do the same sizing and border when I upload to Facebook. My internet is now about 20 Mbs when I upload so the images upload almost instantly.


I put images on Facebook and Instagram and people often ask where the picture was taken and how to get there! I sometimes warn them that these places can be difficult. You have to be careful wandering around on canal towpaths but you do get some interesting pictures with patterns you won’t find elsewhere. I find fences and railings often add to an image because of the patterns and sometimes the shadow of a line of railings on a pathway can make an image.


It’s cloudy this afternoon but quite warm at 25 C. The light is diffused by the cloud and so there are few shadows. New photographers often prefer the diffused light offered by a cloudy sky. I like it better when the sun breaks through, you get more shadow and the shadow gives objects form.


I haven’t photographed any events since 2019 as covid cases are still rising. A nurse told me this morning that patients in intensive care are all unvaccinated. I’ve been vaccinated and was very careful wearing a mask at the hospital this morning so I think I might be safe to photograph an upcoming event if I wear a mask. We need to get back to normal but it is regrettable that the government doesn’t lead and introduce restrictions like mask-wearing. Weak advice is just not good enough, but the government is so fractured at the moment we just have to accept it’s every man for himself now.


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