A national emergency #ramble

The UK has declared a national emergency as the country will see temperatures exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the next two days. My friends in other countries regularly experience such high temperatures but for us, this will break records. It has made me think a bit and if we are going to have such high temperatures on a regular basis I will have to think of more ways to stay cool. I am fortunate that I’m quite thin and feel the cold, not the heat.

What is an iconoclast person?

Definition of iconoclast

1: a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions. 2: a person who destroys religious images or opposes their veneration.

I was a bit of an iconoclast this week. I suggested that Churchill, in world war II, was a war criminal (in today’s terms) for committing genocide by the mass bombing of Berlin and Dresden. Of course, he is still an icon for people with far-right views so they launched quite personal attacks against me on social media. Of course, in the war people didn’t talk about genocide. It was after the war they discussed how wrong it was and that led to the Geneva Convention of 1949. The treaties associated with the convention made genocide a crime under international law, so in fact, Churchill wasn’t a war criminal. It’s interesting to see the reaction of fanatics when their icons are threatened. Churchill was an icon, even Boris is an icon to the right and then there was Corbyn and this “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” choir. Then there was Trump who the people removed as an icon by voting and his army of supporters stormed the Capitol building in a rage. Sometimes the actions of the iconoclast drive people so crazy that they take to the streets and fire their guns in the air in a frenzy. It can even lead to death threats and bombings. Such is the dangerous power of the icon.

Hospital problems

This heat wave will make vulnerable people unwell and the hospitals can’t cope now so we will see more excess deaths this week. I went to the hospital this week, I allowed plenty of time because I have a bad leg and I had to allow for traffic. There wasn’t any traffic and I was there in 5 minutes but there were no parking spaces. In the end, I parked half on the pavement and then got delayed further because they now have a check-in desk, not the reception desk of course! I checked in and there was a delay there, I have to sit and rest my leg and ended up 20 minutes late for my appointment. It was an interesting appointment because I learned that intensive care is still getting seriously unwell anti-vaxxers to care for. People are still waiting outside in ambulances because the hospital doesn’t have enough staff to take them. Those ambulances are going to get very warm over the next few days so I hope they have a contingency plan.

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