Enjoy photography #photography

People have different ideas about photography and I suppose none are right and none are wrong. We take pictures and if the images are fairly sharp people will regard us as skilled photographers. I think we have to be connected to the places where we take the photos too. Street photographers feel at home in that environment and so get good shots. I’m often a little out of my comfort zone and that can affect the way I feel about my environment at the moment I take the shot. That obviously affects the image.

Photography geeks

There are photography geeks who join clubs and so are very knowledgable about photography. You can be a photographer with any camera and even a cheap bridge camera will take good pictures. My first camera when I became serious about photography cost £200. The whole set-up I have now is insured for £3,000 and I am taking better pictures but that is because of experience gained over the past 14 years. A good camera helps but it doesn’t guarantee good shots. Photography geeks can be boring, just enjoy your photography and if you get to the level where your pictures win competitions or are accepted into exhibitions then that’s a bonus.

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