In the dark #photography

Today’s picture is of a Midland Metro tram and obviously, the only light available is the lighting at the tram stop and in the tram itself. If something is lit up like that tram that makes getting the shot much easier. There wasn’t much light and so I raised the ISO to 3500 and took the shot at a wide aperture of f 3.5. I took this picture a few years ago with a Nikon D3200. If I was taking it now, with my Nikon D750 I would try to take the shot with a narrower aperture to get more of the tram in better focus.

New to photography?

When I was new to photography I used an s5600 Fuji bridge camera and it was difficult to set the aperture and shutter speed. For a landscape shot, I just turned the dial to landscape and then when I was editing the images I would get the properties of the image to see what aperture the camera had set. For landscapes, it always set the aperture at f8 and it would set the aperture wide open for the portrait mode. I got good pictures using those two settings and some pictures were published in the newspaper. The camera obviously adjusted the ISO itself too. Now on my Nikon, I use f 8 a lot because we get a lot of cloudy skies and poor light in the UK!

Blog photography

If you’re a blogger you will be interested to know that I used PhotoScape to edit this picture. It’s a really useful app that can adjust exposure and white balance. I also sharpen those pictures that might be slightly blurred. I also used it to resize this image down to 700 px across and added a frame around it. I have 1 Gb of space on this platform for images and this image is 250 K so I can upload 4,000 images before I run out of space. I will reuse the images many times before I reach the 1Gb limit. This post will automatically be sent to Twitter and LinkedIn and the photo will help it stand out.

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