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The next PM? #ramble

It is Sunday morning and here in the UK the sun is shining and it is a pleasant 20C with a cool breeze. I haven’t written so many posts this week as I haven’t been too well. I keep on going, though.

New PM?

The battle for leadership of the Tory party continues with Liz Truss out in front which isn’t surprising. The members voting are old and very right-wing so will vote for Truss and tax cuts and Rishi Sunshine has pointed out that will lose them in the next election. Rishi has the right idea and a positive attitude. As Britain goes off a cliff Rishi will keep on smiling but at least he will see the cliff coming and try to steer a course away from it. The governor of the Bank of England needs to be replaced urgently. We need someone who will be straight with us. It was the QE throughout the pandemic that is causing inflation. Interest rates have been too low for years inflating away homeowner debts and causing unnecessary poverty. We need interest rates to go up and keep going up until savers are rewarded for saving. Britain’s financial problems are systemic. The bosses of Britain’s energy companies are paid far more than their overseas counterparts and are far less able.


I haven’t done much photography recently. I have a large archive and curating and editing are all part of being a photographer. I went to the Post Office this week and considered wandering around taking photographs while I was there but the car was really hot and the sun gave me a headache so I just did what I had to do and came home. Normally I can’t wait for summer to come around but this year it has given me a few problems. Today’s photo was taken before the pandemic in sunny West Bromwich.

Health matters

Through the pandemic, I heard of friends catching covid and hoped none of my siblings would catch it. This week I heard that my brother had caught it. He is fully vaccinated so despite being unwell he should fully recover. I heard that another friend was isolating himself because he caught it too, again, he would be fully vaccinated. I’m also hearing that people who have been infected are getting what government experts call “long covid”. The symptoms seem like the strange symptoms of autoimmune disease and that would obviously make sense and should be researched and investigated. Autoimmune conditions aren’t always taken seriously until they’re very serious and the patient is very sick. The conditions also tend to flare up and the flares can be caused by exposure to stress or even exposure to sunlight as happened to me this week. We need more research.

Energy costs

Energy costs are predicted to soar this winter when OFGEM raises the price cap to around £3,600, which is ridiculous. They should obviously cut the standing charges to as low as possible or scrap them altogether and the government should suspend green levies and scrap VAT on energy and continue to make one-off payments to help the most vulnerable this winter. Rishi Sunshine has the right ideas and so does Gordon Brown. I’m sure Rishi will want an emergency budget if he is the next PM.

Many of my readers now are fellow bloggers. Do you find that thinking of a title for your post is the hardest part of doing a post? Or is it just me?


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