Who will replace Bozo? #ramble

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m late writing today’s ramble. I usually tell you what’s on my mind on Sunday morning. I went out this afternoon with the intention of photographing something. I nearly photographed some shops but they all have shutters over the windows so didn’t look very attractive. I checked out Wednesbury town centre and the improvements are coming along but not quite ready for me to photograph them.

In the garden

So before I put my camera away I took a few shots in the garden and so today’s picture is of my chamomile flowers. I can pick those and dry them to make tea but they look nice now so I’ll leave them for a while. We really need rain, the downpour the other night wasn’t enough to bring the garden back to life.

Who will replace Bozo?

So who will replace Bozo and become the UK’s next Prime Minister? Should we trust Truss and her cut taxes for the rich plan? I see that as a recipe for disaster and so I’m hoping those nasty Tories choose Rishi Sunshine with the permanent smile. He doesn’t seem to be smiling quite so much now though so maybe he is taking the business of government more seriously than Bozo did. It seems strange that a political party like the Conservative party with so many racists among its members would even consider someone from an ethnic minority. For many, the thought of Truss being PM might be too much to bear. I’m not suggesting they are misogynists in the Tory party, of course, they just think women have their place. Men, after all, are no good at keeping house and even worse at coffee mornings. I suspect Ms Truss doesn’t know one end of a vacuum cleaner from the other and so sucks at housekeeping. So she had no choice but to become a politician.

Cost of living

The cost of living crisis is in everyone’s minds with the energy price cap forecast to go over £3,000 or is £4,000 today? The forecast goes up on a daily basis. When the cold winds of winter arrive will people cut down on energy usage? We probably need to half our usage of gas. It might be a good idea for them to cut the cost of electricity as we have wind farms and nuclear producing an excess at off-peak times. A cheap rate in the evening and afternoon might persuade people to use less at peak times and more off-peak. I could sleep all day and put my heating on at night…

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