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Building an archive #photography

Most photographers build an archive of photographs and as a blogger, I have a photograph to suit most topics. I don’t have too much room on this site to store them though, so try to upload pictures like the one above that I can use on finance posts.

Food photos can attract a lot of attention and be useful for recipe posts and food posts. Taking food photos isn’t as easy as it might first appear. You need to make the shot appear attractive which is relatively easy with cold food but not so easy with hot food.

This image of the four seasons has been handy and I even have a print of it hanging in my hallway. It is an image I can use at the changing of the season as well as any post that is about the weather.

I think this image captures the essence of the English Countryside despite the fact I shot these images in the middle of the Black Country. Imagery is about creating an image that may or may not be a true representation. As bloggers we often create an image with words and including pictures reinforces what we write.


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