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Autumnal thoughts. #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? The changing of the seasons and my increasing energy costs! My health has also been a problem to worry about too. My fixed price contract for energy ended on the 31st of August and so for the past few days, I have been monitoring my energy usage. The price of my natural gas has risen from 3.32 pence per unit to 7.37 pence per unit. Ouch! The electricity has increased in price by 50% too. I don’t need heating yet but when I do I expect the cost to soar. My energy usage increased yesterday and I’m not sure why. I used the cooker more and I had my Playstation on for a while. I suppose those costs will seem insignificant once I turn my heating on. Fortunately, my account is £1300 in credit so I have no need to worry for a while.

Autumn weather

The weather is quite autumnal today but I’ll still go out and take my camera. I’m not sure where I’ll go but I’ll be on the lookout for interesting shots. There will be an event later this month which will be interesting. Actually, I just checked my reminders on my phone and there are two events. One is a re-enactment at a 13th-century manor house and the other is poetry and things in the town centre. The latter might be difficult if I can’t park the car nearby. Old age is catching up on me just lately!

Websites and social media.

Many of my readers now are bloggers and website owners trying to make a few quid or dollars from their websites. I have tried to make money from my website in the past and made a bit from being an affiliate. I was even an Amazon affiliate for a couple of weeks but didn’t have enough traffic for them. I think if you have a good website and great social media accounts and lots of time then you can do well with Amazon. Many people are making money on Youtube these days too.

A New Prime Minister

Tomorrow we find out who the new leader of the Conservative party will be and who the new Prime Minister will be. Lizard Liz will probably be a disaster, she seems set on tax cuts that the country can’t afford. Rishi Sunshine has more ideas but he made a mistake by attacking the so-called “woke” brigade. As I understand it, “woke” was a term used by Black Americans to describe being aware of discrimination and being aware of unconscious bias in particular. It is now a word like snowflake that has become a word used to simply insult and deride people with quite reasonable views. I admit that some politically correct posturing is ridiculous but we shouldn’t poke fun at people in such an unpleasant way. Many people who have far-right views have knuckles that hang a bit too close to the ground but we don’t poke fun at them…


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