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Brainwashing, photography and deliveries. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, so I’ll share my thoughts with you, as usual. This evening there will be a minute’s silence in memory of Elizabeth II. It will be the funeral at 11 on Monday morning. During the pandemic, people claimed that they were being “brainwashed” and controlled by the media. The media is really brainwashing people now and they are accepting it! This however is a renewed phase, we have been brainwashed into accepting the status quo and the hierarchy in British society almost since birth. I think this is not only acceptable but perhaps desirable, however, it does make society unequal and unfair. Can’t we have control and equality?

Cold hands

My hands are a bit cold. I’ve set the heating thermostat to 20 C. I’m not cold because I’m wearing a winter sweater but have cold hands. Can I get used to a cooler home to save on energy? I feel the need to try because we have to all do our bit to beat Putin at his war games. I have some fingerless gloves on order and they should be delivered today. I had a pair that I used when I’m taking photographs but I seem to have lost one of them. They are OK, but my fingers freeze because I have poor circulation in my hands.

Midland Metro

Today’s photo is of the Midland Metro. I like taking photos there and one was in two exhibitions. I took that photo when my friend visited me from Shanghai. She was in the UK on a business trip in 2018. I took that with my Nikon D3200. I zoomed in more than I usually do but I like the effect.


When I did my Amazon order I didn’t think about when they would be delivered. Part of the order was delivered yesterday. The other half will be delivered today but on Sundays, I like to go out and take a few photos while the roads are quiet. I hoped to photograph the town centre today and see how the improvements to the Conservation Zone are progressing. I just checked the tracking and my order isn’t out for delivery.

Sunday lunch

Traditionally people make more of an effort to cook Sunday lunch or Sunday dinner in Britain. I haven’t even thought about what I’ll cook. I think I’ll have a salad for lunch and do the cooking this evening. I cooked Chinese stir-fry this week and for the first time got the fried rice just right! I did a lot of food photography in 2020 when we were having lockdowns, maybe I should do more of that and try to get better pictures of cooked food? I will photograph just about anything but try to get the composition right, whatever I’m photographing. Getting a really sharp picture is important too.


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