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leveraging the whole economy? #ramble


It was the autumnal equinox on Friday when there is an equal number of daylight hours and hours of darkness. It was a dark day for the UK economy too as the chancellor trashed the stock market and sent the value of the pound crashing towards parity with the US dollar.


Leveraging is the term companies use when they borrow to invest. If you’re trying to get a locked door open, use a lever, like a crowbar. If you have a million in the bank and you borrow another 9 million to invest in your company it has a lot more of an effect and can bring much greater returns. Is the British government trying to leverage the whole economy and if so, what will they invest in? Not just tax cuts for their mates, surely? Talking of their mates, I bet they made a few quid on Friday shorting the FTSE 100 and top UK companies. They must have been laughing all the way to their private banks.

Autumn weather

I’m not enjoying this autumn weather. I have felt terrible this week and had to set my thermostat a degree higher. I’m trying to cope with a temperature of 23 C now which is much better. I was going to photograph an event yesterday but in the end, I felt I just wasn’t well enough. I might go out today just to see how well I hope with the chilly weather. I need a little exercise. I need some fresh air to clear my head and prepare me for this week’s challenge. I think I will have to adjust to this government’s economic policies. They could be pure genius if they can magic up an export drive but to be honest, I think it is just dogma and idealism that is driving these crazy policies and so they will be doomed to failure.


Analysts have been saying to buy into big oil, buy shares in Shell and BP. Now that makes sense with a high oil price and the pound so low but what will the analysts recommend tomorrow with the price of oil falling, demand falling and the world going into recession? It might be time to get out of oil and into something that will do well in a recession.


I’ve been doing some editing this week. As a writer, it is always good to edit other people’s work. I need the practice and I need to get back to taking photographs too. I might take a few photos today of our conservation zone which is being developed. I’ll see how the works are developing. I could just enjoy my retirement and do nothing but keep using my skills to keep my brain active!


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