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Cold-blooded politics. #ramble

It is Sunday morning and I’m feeling the autumn chill. I have my winter jumper on and the heating is set at 22 C. I can hear the boiler sending my energy bill north!

Liz the Lizard

Cold-blooded Liz is in Brum today at Con Conference explaining why she trashed the stock market and the value of the pound. I think she will probably tell more porkies than Boris on a trip to Peppa Pig World. Her latest faux pas is to advise the King not to go to COP 27. Meanwhile, we have learned the chancellor went to a champagne party with his rich mates right after delivering that “fiscal statement” that did so much damage. I wonder if he took Boris, who we know like a good party…


Covid is spreading again and I’m getting on a bit now so my immune system isn’t what it was. I enquired about covid and flu jabs and my doctor’s surgery will have the flu jabs in a couple of weeks. I’m going to try and get a covid jab today at a walk-in centre. As they haven’t really publicised the fact they are still open I don’t think there will be a queue. I have a choice of two centres but only one is open today so I’ll try my luck there. It’s a sports centre and if I don’t get my jab there then it will be a local church in the week.


I’ve been blogging for a few years now. The original idea was to write satire. I have consequently written about photography and finance and this ramble on a Sunday when I just try to let my thoughts flow. I begin each post with a photograph from an archive and sometimes take a photograph, especially for a post that I have in mind. Of course, I have to be careful with satire, Private Eye is the most sued newspaper in the UK! Comparing Liz Truss to a cold-blooded lizard is allowed and not libel because lizards like snakes are actually cold-blooded. I think I’m allowed to say I think she will tell porkies like Boris too. It is cold-blooded politics that border on psychopathy but apparently there is a school of thought that suggests unfeeling psychopaths make the best leaders. They can walk all over the most vulnerable without a twinge of guilt and without the slightest bit of empathy. I think we have gone from borderline sociopath with Boris to full-blown psychopathy with the lizard. I could be wrong. Enjoy your Brexit freedom while you may…


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