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Sh*t happens. #ramble

I haven’t had time to do any posts on this site, this week. I’m an admin of a local history group on Facebook which takes up my time and I also do some editing and proofreading. I’ve decided to retire from that Facebook group and do other things including writing posts for this site. I want to try something new using my skills as a photographer too. I want to try and photograph the unusual whenever I see it! I might take a few photographs this afternoon.


I didn’t write the finance post this week. There isn’t much to write about. The British economy is still recovering from the pandemic and the Kwarteng Catastrophe when the chancellor crashed the pound and the stock market on the same day. Jeremy Hunt is the chancellor now and Rishi Sunak is our new Prime Minister. We were supposed to have an Autumn Statement tomorrow but they postponed that to November. We really needed that statement before the Bank Of England MPC meeting. There are opportunities on the stock market though especially if you have USD to invest. The pound now stands at $1.1612

There are websites that I trust to keep a record of my debit card details and I have been given a new card so I have to update it on all the websites. For some strange reason, the National Lottery won’t let me do that without emptying my account with them so they send my cash back to my bank account. I’ll add my new card when I next buy tickets. It’s about time I won that jackpot!

Life in the 21st-century

There were times when I thought I would probably not make it to the 21st century. Many older people haven’t get got to grips with decimalised weights and measures or decimal currency. I’m writing this on a laptop. I have a smartphone, a smart gadget for energy and I still drive a car despite being well past my three score years and ten. I think the “enlightenment” that you are supposed to experience when you’re towards the end of your life is an acceptance of reality. Younger people think they will live forever and bury their heads in the sand and think it will never happen. During the pandemic, some were scared of the jab so they joined the nutty anti-vaxxers rather than face their fear. We have a cost of living crisis now and they will put bills in a drawer and pretend they don’t exist or go on a drunken night out to forget all their problems. I’ve seen the world come to the brink of nuclear war and so I accept that it could happen. Mad Vladd is probably crazy enough to do it. He is certainly crazy enough to deny climate change and let the world drift towards extinction. The pandemic should have been a warning but still, people have the “I’m alright attitude” and the parties go on. Boris partied through the pandemic! The reality is, shit happens and it is better to be prepared.


I keep telling one of my friends to spend time communing with nature. She sent me some photos of a nice place near open water this week. Nature and its beauty is good for our mental health and it can be the cure when we feel stressed by those awful social media trolls with their distorted sense of reality. In fact, I might go to a nature reserve today and photograph the autumn colours.


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