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Thinking about Christmas. #ramble

I usually write a rambling post about everything and anything on Sunday morning but I completely forgot today. That wasn’t the only thing I forgot. I have the Chinese chat app, Wechat on my laptop and I should log in automatically but it doesn’t do that and so I have to remember to log in. I usually forgot but this morning I didn’t log in until after lunch. I have talked to my friend in China since then though.

I did go out today and took my camera but first I had to check the air in my tyres, one was a little bit low. I have an electronic thingy that warns me if a tyre is low. Anyway, I checked it and now it has a few more PSI in it than it should. It was too cold to mess around so it will have to stay like that. I didn’t take any pictures again, why bother when we get dark skies constantly. It’s 3:30 now and getting dark already.

I bought a rechargeable COB light not long ago and at 30W it lights up a room reasonably well. We might have power cuts this winter. It will be useful for photography too. I had an idea today, why not have rechargeable electric hot water bottles? Of course, my great idea has already been done and they’re selling them on Amazon. They charge in 8 minutes so I might buy one. I can put it on a charge while I take a shower and throw it in my bed and I’ll be nice and warm! If we get power cuts in the winter it would, like my COB light, come in very useful.


I’ll invite my family to come at Christmas for the usual Christmas buffet. I’ve bought most of the food except for the food that needs to be fresh. I also bought all the Christmas gifts. I’m getting there. They all have families to spend Christmas with so they will come here the week before. I do lots of cold food and put french fries in the air fryer too. There will also be liqueur chocolates and ice cream. There will be a wide selection of alcoholic drinks, of course. I’ve been trying to think of entertainment but we haven’t seen each other for a while so the conversation will be entertaining enough!

Cost of living

I’m lucky that I can still afford whatever I want at Christmas. There are many having to sit in cold rooms at Christmas with little Christmas cheer. We had our Festive Christmas Lights switch-on yesterday. I missed this one but remember it being freezing in previous years. There will be carols and festive music by a brass band in a couple of weeks so I might go and see if I can find a parking space. I could shoot some video of that…


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