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No snow this month, thank you. #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I fitted a new SSD in my laptop this week and have 2 terabytes of space for photos and stuff. The unexpected bonus was that the 250 Gb SSD I took out, I tried in an old laptop that I was given and it works now! I now have a spare laptop that is a virtual clone of the one I’m using!


I had a busy week so I didn’t write a finance post. Obviously, we are all struggling to reduce our energy usage because the cost is so high. I think mine is costing me about a fiver a day now. I expect the cost to go very much higher when temperatures go below zero. It is about 4C as I write this and my boiler is on constantly. We have those payments of over £60 a month coming back into our bank accounts and I prepared for winter and made sure my account was in credit. I expect to pay at least £10 a day for energy when it gets colder. To make matters worse, the economy still hasn’t recovered from that disaster of a government we had in September and the Kwarteng Catastrophe. The stock market is doing better than the US one though so I suppose we should be grateful!


I’ve been paying some attention to running the Wednesbury History Group on Facebook. I’ve changed the cover picture to a Merry Christmas one and I’ve been posting snowy pictures like this one. I took this picture out of a window in 2017! I remember in 2012 an International student I know came to the UK and they shot a video of a snowball fight that they had which seemed like great fun. For many of them, it might have been their first experience with snow. Snow looks nice but the novelty soon wears off! No snow this month, thank you. We want to be able to travel in the run-up to Christmas!


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