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Preparing for Christmas. #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I have my family visiting today for a Christmas get-together. I’ve got lots of food for a buffet and of course, there are drinks. I always get the feeling I’ve forgotten something!

I hate writing Christmas cards because, for some strange reason, I always mess them up. I suppose it is because I get a little anxious doing it. I don’t post any cards now. I can post a graphic on social media to wish everyone Merry Christmas. I do give my neighbours a Christmas card, however.

The Christmas movie this year is Top Gun: Maverick. I’m cooking duck for Christmas dinner and the movie will come sometime after that. I’ll probably watch it while lying in bed eating chocolate and drinking beer (not at the same time).

The roads tend to be quiet on Christmas day so I usually go out and take some photos. Deserted streets can look quite eerie. One Christmas day, I went into the town centre and it was deserted. There was an incident so I had a fire engine with blue lights flashing and firefighters in my picture which made for an unusual image. I haven’t taken many photos this year but I intend to get back into it.

The snow was supposed to thaw today but the big thaw seems to have been delayed. The Daily Express predicts a “snow blizzard” in hours. That “newspaper” has snatched the title of worst newspaper in Britain from the Sun this year. It’s totally rubbish with made-up headlines syndicated by MSN and designed to grab attention but they often scare people. It is not a newspaper that I would ever buy. I think all the newspapers have hit an all-time low this year. I watch the BBC news channel.


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