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Be a realist in 2023. #ramble

It is Sunday morning and as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I was searching for this picture in my archive this morning to use to do the challenge from 64 Million artists. I thought the file name would contain Nikon but it turns out it was D750!

Anyway, I put a post on Facebook asking people to be realists this year. World leaders often lose touch with reality. In the UK Liz Truss and Kwazi Kwarteng were typical examples, putting weird ideology before realism. They crashed the pound and the markets.

Ideology can often seem to have come from another planet and Vladamir Putin is certainly in a cesspit of his own with his arrogant and aggressive thinking. He sees himself as the ultimate alpha male but like all alpha males who strut and pose, he is just pathetic.

That other alpha male wannabe Donald Trump still tries to make a comeback and still has a following of cavemen whose knuckles drag a bit too close to the ground. Even Truss had the sense to give up when she was found out to be a moron. Trump is so deluded he will just keep on supported by his knuckle-dragging army just like Putin.

I am optimistic, however. The Russian people don’t want war and the American people don’t want Trump. We got rid of Truss and Kwarteng and Rishi Sunak is being watched like no Prime Minister before him. He has more sense than to crash the markets again. He has to be realistic and keep his head down for a while. Putin has his head way above the parapet and will be taken down by his own people. The Oligarchs are losing money and they have real power to challenge Mad Vladd.

Happy new year readers, it’s a mad world but it is the only one that we have. Let us be realists and see things as they really are. A bump in the night is not a lost spirit, it is more likely a lost urban fox looking for food. Strange people on the street might make you feel uneasy but they are not likely to attack you with an axe if they are not even carrying an axe! Don’t be afraid in 2023 just be cautious and be a realist!


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