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Keep winning! #ramble

I’m sky-watching today. Rain is forecast but the sky tells me that there will be showers on and off. I think I might get a few decent photos, it isn’t too dark. I’m not feeling well, which isn’t unusual. I have taken 8 pills so far in an attempt to make myself feel better. After lunch, I’ll take another pill and take to the road. I won’t go very far and if I start to feel worse I can just return home. I might still get some beautiful winter pictures if it snows again.

Friendship cafes

I’ve suggested that we have a friendship cafe before but it never comes to pass. They allow people to volunteer and do something useful and help people survive mental health crises. They also help prevent people from having mental health problems in the first place. There are not any community places that we could use to start one though. I need to win the lottery and then I could start one.

I’m a winner!

By a weird coincidence, I just had an email from National Saving. It looked like a fake so I checked and they have changed the look of their emails. I checked and it was genuine so I logged into my account and I had really won but just £25.00. I won sixty-odd pounds a couple of weeks ago on the Lotto and as these things often come in threes I look forward to winning a Jackpot. What a palaver it was signing in and creating a 6-digit pin number. They also have 2-factor authentication! I’m still not sure I got the end bit right for claiming my £25. It looked a bit like I was cancelling £25 in Premium Bonds. I’ll see and log in again in a couple of weeks to see if I still have some bonds. Why can’t they just give you the option of buying more bonds or taking the cash?

Keeping warm

To put my £25 win into context, it is now costing me £7 a day for gas and electricity to keep warm. I did turn the thermostat down to 22 C but I decided that feeling chilly all the time was not for me and now I have it at 23 or 24 and wear a thick jumper and feel more comfortable. I’ll just have to keep winning until the end of winter!


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