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Ideas for the future. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. This winter seems to be passing quite quickly and I am looking forward to the spring equinox. Like everyone else, I’m being robbed blind with high energy bills. I think my supplier also worked out my direct debit to benefit them with my cash interest-free. They estimated that with my usual usage, I should pay £183 a month, despite the fact I was already in credit on my account. They do these calculations with a computer – so how do they get it wrong? I have managed to lower my direct debit now but my credit has now reached £1690. I think I have enough credit for both spring and summer!


I was sent a tweet this week by Twitter from Jeremy Corbyn who still thinks the government can nationalise everything that isn’t nailed down. He learnt nothing from the Kwarteng Catastrophe of last September. He would be a bigger disaster than Liz Truss as Prime Minister and that’s saying something. Would Keir Starmer be any better? His ideas for sorting out the NHS might resonate with the public. There are certain things deeply wrong with the NHS. We need a certain amount of bureaucracy to do checks so they don’t amputate the wrong leg, etc. There is room for some aspects of the bureaucracy to be done more efficiently. They spend millions on politically correct things like transgender toilets while men struggle to tie surgical gowns behind their backs because no bureaucrat realised there was a problem. When the NHS orders surgical gowns in future they should ensure that they should cover properly and tied at the front. Little things that don’t cost a lot are important. They should stop making excuses too. If a patient doesn’t turn up for an appointment, the doctor has more time for the other patients at that clinic, it doesn’t cost the NHS money. In fact, if the doctor has more time for patients he is likely to resolve issues better.

Climate change

I think Greta Thunberg has done a lot to raise awareness of climate change but she should leave the issue of that coal mine in Germany to the protesters there. Germany needs the energy to replace the gas they imported from Russia. We basically need more trees capturing carbon in managed forests. Many countries have lots of lands where trees could be planted. We also need to look at vehicles, particularly cars. Scrapping cars that burn hydrocarbons is stupid without first trying to make them cleaner. We should phase out engines over 1 litre by 2025 and continue to produce cars with 1-litre engines or less until 2035 or even 2040. Get rid of the gas guzzlers first. We have to be pragmatic. It also makes sense to encourage Amazon and other companies that do deliveries to switch to electric vehicles first.

Ideas for the future

Politicians always come out with the same old drivel. They talk in catchphrases. They use the same old metaphors, growth actually means making more stuff and that makes climate change worse. We need to make stuff more recyclable, we need to provide more affordable services and we need more equality. We need less stress in our lives, most of all.


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