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Sunday ideas #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my thought with you. I’ve just had an email saying someone has tried to log into my Facebook account. I’m an admin of pages and groups so they try to guess my password sometimes. They won’t guess the password. I can’t remember it but it is very, very, very long!


Weblog got shorted to blog and were originally online diaries or journals for people to document their lives publicly. I tend to share my thoughts or write factual posts. I don’t think you want to know the more intimate details of my life. It is a bit boring! I am thinking of going out today but the fact it is still -1 C is dampening my enthusiasm! If I just go for a drive it will be good for me but I’ll take my camera just in case I spot something worth getting out the car to shoot.


I’ve started a conversation in the history group that I run about how to cook a poached egg in the microwave. I need to perfect this! I think I need to cook it in a small dish with water on top so the steam cooks the top of the egg and place a small plate on top. I cooked one this morning with the microwave set on a low setting but the egg exploded a little when it was cooked. I need to try different timings too to get it just right.


I’m not usually too fussy about what I eat but I’m a little bored with the same foods. I have a grocery delivery this week and I’ve added lentils to the order to make my stews a little bit different. I’ve also ordered rice noodles and bean sprouts and I’ll cook a stir fry, sometime this week. I haven’t cooked rice noodles before so I hope I can get that right. Apparently, I soak them for a while and add them to the stir fry. I like chopped bacon and mushrooms in my stir-fry.

I made sausage cassrole this week so I think I’ll cook chicken stew this week. I have a lot of chicken in the freezer and I have celery which is my secret ingredient in stews and soups! Knorr stock cubes are anotehr essential ingredient as well as the usual root veggies.


I wrote about investments in my Finance Friday post, but one investment I didn’t mention was gold. If things get terrible and there are runs on the banks, you need to survive. In such circumstances, you need your food cupboards full of dried foods like rice and lentils and one or two gold bars! A 5g gold bar is small enough to carry in your wallet and would probably buy you food for a month in dire circumstances. It might be worth thinking about. Gold has been going up in value recently, and it is a good hedge against inflation too.


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