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Made in China. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, so, as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. This morning the ground was covered with frost and it was a chilly start to the day. I’m thinking positively, it’s not long to the spring equinox, next month!

Last night, I watched Mel Gibson’s new movie “On the Line”. I think the scriptwriter wrote an average movie script, and when he got to the end had to think of an ending and couldn’t find one, so just wrote a rubbish ending that fit the story. The stupid ending spoiled the whole movie. It was very obviously a budget movie shot in some country where you can pay everyone a fraction of what you would in the US, but that didn’t have to mean the movie would be crap. The sad thing was that most of the acting was very good. Mel Gibson, as always, was overacting, but that’s his style. Anyway, in the UK, it is on Amazon Prime; watch it if you want!

On the BBC news site, this morning is a story about using electric wallpaper to heat your home. I had that idea years ago, but installation costs are a problem. If you have extra energy from your solar panels, maybe have an electric radiant heater in your living room and turn down your central heating a degree or two.

As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson took an interest in all things porcine, from telling porkies to a family day out at Peppa Pig World. Now his attention has turned to more bovine pursuits; he is painting cows or parts of cows. As long as it keeps him quiet, what’s the harm?

That other moron of a Prime Minister, Liz Truss, says she was never given a chance to cut taxes. She still doesn’t get it. She crashed the markets by simply opening her mouth, and her colleagues put the knife in that fast; she made history. Even cold-blooded betrayal of her chancellor couldn’t save her, even though he was moron number two.

The Yanks have shot down that balloon with a sidewinder missile. The attached capsule has been recovered from the sea and experts at the CIA in Langley are deciphering the secret codes on the surface of the capsule. The first line on the capsule is

中国制造   or Zhōngguó zhìzào

I Googled it and a rough translation is “Made in China.”


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