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From winter to spring. #ramble

I’m late writing my Sunday ramble. I’m not well today, but I must keep my mind occupied. I’ve been putting carnival pictures into our history group on Facebook. I put a lot of black and white pictures on, so a day of colourful carnival pictures brightens things up!

February is always a month when people feel down and get depressed. We are really fed up with winter now. In the past though, we have had cold weather and snow in March. This was the 4th of March 2013.

The vernal equinox is only 5 weeks away. Maybe spring will begin then or maybe not!

I hope by then I’ll feel better. I usually have a few hospital appointments to see consultants each year. I had one last year with a nurse. I take my health seriously, and I can treat myself on days like this. However, some people with serious illnesses aren’t getting the treatment and care they need. It is now four years since I had a proper appointment. Covid is still doing the rounds, of course. The news hardly mentions the vulnerable losing their lives to flu and Covid.

We are all waiting for that transition from winter to spring. Help with our energy bills ends next month so we all hope for better weather.


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