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Ideas for the future #ramble

I’m having one of those days today. Can I write a post without making a mess of it? I usually ramble on a Sunday writing about whatever is on my mind.

Last week, I caught that norovirus which was most unpleasant. My digestive system still isn’t back to normal. I was supposed to take my blood pressure twice a day for a week and upload the results to my doctor’s surgery. Anyway, I am now trying to get and upload the BP readings. I missed uploading them on day one; maybe they will phone me and ask for them; who knows?

It has been a while since I’ve used my camera, and it’s sunny today. It is only 6C outside, however. Just going for a drive will make me feel better, even if I don’t get to take any pictures. I want to continue recording the changes in the local environment for posterity. The spring equinox is only three weeks away, and then the weather should improve, and I can get outside and take more pictures. I hope to change my style of photography and look for the unusual. I think advertising signs and maybe signs of all kinds would be good to photograph too.

Britain seems to have turned into a bit of a zombie of late. There doesn’t seem to be very much of anything happening. The government isn’t getting legislation through parliament and they are mostly keeping their mouths shut in case they upset the markets again. I feel like a bit of a zombie too not really doing very much. The highlight of this week was a haircut because I was looking like Grizzly Adams!

I am using the premium version of Grammarly which nags me to improve my writing. I don’t really need to have the premium version but I’ve subscribed for 12 months now. The free version alerted me to most of my mistakes and the premium version just adds lots of Oxford commas that I’m not too keen on.

My ideas for the future are to take more pictures and try to socialise more. I tend to stay in for weeks now. The pandemic changed things, and I need more social contacts. We are social animals and we do get lonely. Despite many health problems, I haven’t seen my doctor for four or five years, and my regular appointments at the hospital have more or less stopped. I’m determined to look after myself more and get my hospital appointments.

That’s it, I’ve managed to write a post without making a complete pig’s ear of it.


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