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Positive and lateral thinking. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always I’ll ramble and share my thoughts with you. As I write this, the alarm on my smart meter is sounding to tell me I’m using more gas and electricity than usual. The temperature outside is only 3C and I have just heard my boiler fire up. I like to keep warm. I might venture out this afternoon. If I only go for a drive it’ll be a change of scene. I need a little exercise. There are a few places that I would like to photograph today, despite the weather.

Licking my wounds

The phrase about licking one’s wounds is well-known but why do we lick wounds? I cut my thumb yesterday and licked it as is it was instinct. That made me think and so I looked it up and according to the Lancet, licking one’s wounds does promote healing. I think it probably works better with small wounds. Larger wounds need stitches!

Salad shortage

The salad shortage means I got no tomatoes or cucumber this week. I usually do salad for lunch, but I’ll have to think of something else today. It needs to be something that I can cook quickly. I think it might be something a little unhealthy, like a bacon sandwich!

Spring Equinox

It’s only 2 weeks to the spring equinox then the days will be longer and hopefully it will be warmer and we can save on our energy bills. I have a little experiment going involving a small solar panel that charges a small battery that in turn powers some LED lights. The more light that falls on the solar panel, the longer the lights stay on after dark. I’ve been considering how I can make it work better by reflecting more light on the solar panel or maybe some electronics to improve its efficiency. It is just an experiment, but if I improve it, I could have it power lots of LED lights in the garden.


I’m still the admin of our little history group on Facebook. I posted some pictures that I took in 2014 earlier and I’ll post old pictures from the archive after lunch. I don’t think anyone is that interested in history but they like a conversation starter that might be triggered by a picture. They really want nostalgia more than history. It has to be interactive, or Facebook doesn’t distribute the posts to newsfeeds.

Think positive

I try to think positively. I have arthritis and it has been too painful just lately. I have taken painkillers today and I think I can go for a little walk with my camera this afternoon. When we have problems it is important to try to find a way around them. Problems are, generally speaking, not as bad as we imagine and can be surmounted with a little positive and lateral thinking.


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