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Thrifty & Frugal. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, and so, as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Today, I have decided to write this post using Word, and  I’ll copy and paste it! I also have Grammarly connected to Word, which will make it easier.

This week was a bit strange with uncertainty in the stock markets following the problems at Silicon Valley Bank. I lost a few quid, but that is a regular occurrence. I think there could be a recovery on Monday. There are worries about banks holding bonds they bought when interest rates were low or negative (realistically). As interest rates come down again, the value of those bonds will go up. Everything should be fine if the banks have sufficient capital and cash reserves.

I need to venture out today. I haven’t driven my car for weeks. I’ll take my camera and maybe get some wintery pictures. I need to check my tyre pressures and ensure my battery is OK. My car’s electronics tend to flatten the battery if I don’t use it regularly. I keep getting medical advice to exercise more too!

I hate getting stuck in traffic, so I’ll check on Google maps before I set out. I think there should be light traffic being Sunday, except for the queue for Ikea! I photograph the changes to the local environment, and there have been a few changes to the town centre. I might wander around there this afternoon. My camera was expensive, so I need to use it more. I’ve been considering a new lens. I suppose most photographers always want new lenses, but I only have one that I regularly use on my Nikon D750. The 28 – 300 is a handy lens, though. I bought a Yongnou prime lens which I must try out again. I’ll test it when we have better light.

I have a mind that never stops, so I must keep busy. I’ve checked a few websites for cooking information and want to try braised duck when I get home today. I cooked a whole duck at Christmas, and I think braised duck will be tender and succulent. I have even got fresh vegetables to go with it. I have an excellent French white wine to go with it too.

I’m a skywatcher before I go out to take photos. The sky is white now, reflecting some light, but it doesn’t look good in my pictures. I prefer a pale grey sky or a blue sky, but we make do with what we have. I want to change my photography style and watch out for more details that tell a story. I post pictures on Facebook, and if I photograph the new coffee lounge today, I know that picture will attract comments. Those comments are the story. The coffee lounge is where our monthly music and poetry evenings are now.

I’ll begin to think about lunch now. I want something light, so I think a ham salad will suffice. Yes, I got some salad this week despite the shortage. I also had a kilo of ham on my delivery, which will last a few weeks! I tend to stock up on things, and then I can cut my grocery list one week, order a half dozen bottles of wine, and get the 25% off! We have to be thrifty and frugal. Right?


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