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Spring has sprung! #ramble

I haven’t been writing much lately or taking photographs. Spring appears to be here and so I might be a little more active now.

The UK is still recovering from a few systemic shocks. I don’t think we were fully recovered from the 2008 financial crisis and all the austerity that followed when Boris launched Brexit chaos. Then came the pandemic, followed by more stupidity from the Truss and Kwarteng government. More recently, we had the Silicon Valley Bank in trouble, reminding us that many banks and pension funds have loads of bonds that, if sold in the bond market in this period of high-interest rates, would see a substantial loss. The stock market is beginning to pick up following that debacle, and investors, while remaining very cautious, are again looking for bargains. I’m happy to sit this out and have a break from trading. The UK economy and personal finances are still being affected by all these things and consumers are cutting back. Habits are changing too, people are learning to cook and some learning to master certain cooking techniques. I’ve been researching braising; I cooked braised duck recently and it was delicious.

April Fool

I’ve resisted the temptation to write an April fool’s post. I did one once suggesting that there was a hoard of treasure in a tunnel in this locality. That built on a myth that there is a tunnel from here to Dudley Castle. A joke built on a myth or that has an element of truth to it, seems to work the best!


The children have started their Easter break so there is a queue of cars at Dover waiting to cross to the continent. I bet many of those drivers voted for Brexit. They’ll drive across Europe and stop for something to eat and expect to find fish and chips on the menu! They queue every Sunday afternoon for Ikea so I don’t suppose the Dover queue will bother them. I suppose you can get used to peeing on a pop bottle in the back of the car…


Covid is still lurking in the backgound, we have thousands in hospital and maybe a million infected. I will do a test if i catch it and then report the result. I will then get approprite treatment sent to me. I assume that will be antiviral drugs. I’ll probably be told to go for another “booster”, sometime this month.


Grammarly is marking errors in this post but not correcting them I should have used Word to write the post and then did a copy/paste. It’s too late now! I think the errors are what Grammarly considers “advanced errors”. I do find the premium version of Grammarly useful but it can be too fussy and I’m still not too fond of peppering my writing with Oxford commas!

Hopefully with many people away for the bank holiday, the roads will be quiet, and I can get about and take a few pictures. No school run this week either. I can actually hear a lawnmower, spring has sprung!


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