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Life isn’t hard; it is demanding! #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so, as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you.

I’ve been listening to Laura Kuenssberg on BBC One. I didn’t have the vision; I was multitasking! The Conservative MP repeated the same government message and didn’t engage in the conversation. We are, of course, paying for the pandemic now. The fair thing to do would be for those with the deepest pockets to pay. The overpaid at the BBC, those people in the NHS who earn more than the Prime Minister. Those people who are buying luxury goods can afford to contribute more. Even MPs can forego this year’s pay rise. Simply put, they should tax the better off and protect the vulnerable.

It is only 8C as I write this and it was pretty cold when I woke up, so my energy usage is still high. The rebates on my direct debits have ended. We are all worse off and prices are rising above the inflation rate. Food prices, energy prices and all the essentials are soaring in price.

I have a few investments and in the coming weeks, my discretionary income will be boosted by dividends. Most people have their discretionary income, which they have left after paying for all the essentials, cut. Discretionary income is the money we use to socialise and enjoy life. We are social animals and we need to mix. Throughout the pandemic, mental health issues were developing because we couldn’t socialise and now, we have an NHS in crisis and insufficient mental health provision. It’s bad enough that doctors don’t take mental health seriously enough; now, it seems impossible to access mental health services. I expected to get an appointment to see a rheumatologist in January 2020. I’m still waiting.

My mental health is better if I spend time with nature and take photos. The weather today isn’t ideal for photography, but I’ll go out and make an effort. I am looking at a pale, nearly white sky; it’s not my favourite weather.

I check the weather forecasts each day. The cold rainy days tend to mean more pain from arthritis. I’m trying a new medication now, but I’ll probably resort to traditional painkillers this afternoon. It is either too cold and wet, or we get a heat wave like last year and must endure 38 C heat. I had to buy a large fan last year!

The other thing on my mind this week is my garden. I have some green waste to get rid of and I’ve been filling my green bin, ready for collection next week. The shed door won’t open so I can’t access tools or the motor mower. I plan to cut another hedge back; if it’s dry tomorrow, I’ll make a start. Why is it that with jobs like that, starting is the most challenging part? I’ve bought a new mini chainsaw, which might make it slightly less demanding. I’ll snip off the thin branches with secateurs to access the thicker branches and then attack those with the chainsaw!

We always have problems or challenges as politicians prefer to call them. Life isn’t hard; it is demanding!


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