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Keeping busy #ramble

It is just two weeks to the King’s coronation, so if you’re not in the UK, please come and visit; we need the money. We have spring weather, sunshine and showers. I went out yesterday, and it was pretty warm in the car. Perhaps I shouldn’t have worn a winter coat! Anyway, there will be much pageantry for the Coronation and street parties, and it will all be very multicultural.

I usually write about finance on Fridays, but what can I say now? The economy is slowly recovering from Brexit’s stupidity, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. Inflation is still high at over 10%, and the government is not sorting out the energy market. The government isn’t doing much at all. They seem busy sacking bullies within their ranks. Interest rates remain high at 4.25% and seem likely to rise to 4.5 soon. The stock market plods along without much news exciting investors. I have a rash of dividends coming at the end of this month and through May. That will pay my car tax! My little portfolio is doing slightly better than the FTSE 100 index, so things aren’t so bad. At the moment, it seems defence stocks like BAE are doing well. Banking stocks are slowly recovering, so watch Lloyds, Natwest and Standard Chartered. Barclays is cheap too.

England’s pleasant land is very green now after all the rain. Unfortunately, my motor mower is stuck in the shed; I think the hinges have seized on the door. Someone is coming to fix it in 2 weeks. Then the mowing will begin. I’ve already made a start on cutting a hedge back. I’m considering growing potatoes on a garden patch now covered in compost. They might grow well there!

I do intend to get back to doing photography. I feel like my expensive camera is going to waste. I’m going to photograph different things this summer. During the pandemic lockdown I found things to photograph in my garden. I took pictures of flowers, wildlife and even the garden tools. I think there is far more out there that would make interesting images; I just need to be aware of it and point the camera!

I want to do more street photography too. Candid shots can be really good. Not everyone likes being photographed, but most people don’t mind if it is a professional photo and pin sharp.

Anyway, despite serious health problems, I’m keeping busy.


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