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Sunday thoughts and ideas. #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so, as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. It is a typical showery day, but it is getting warmer, giving us lower energy bills.

I haven’t been doing much photography; during lockdown, I photographed all sorts of things I saw around my home and garden. Pictures can be interesting if there is a story behind them or if it is a unique view. I want to go out and take more photos and watch out for signs, amusing ones or unusual ones. I usually photograph buildings and landscapes, but I want to include people in the pictures more. I might take a few shots today despite the weather.

My thoughts have turned to gardening. I’ve been cutting back a hedge. I bought a mini-chainsaw, but it’s a bit dangerous! I can easily cut through thicker branches that don’t move too much, but the thin ones move about too much. I keep snipping at the thinner ones with secateurs and making reasonably good progress. The hinges on my shed door are seized, so mowing the lawn must wait until I can get that fixed. The lawn is at least six inches high, but is now weed-free since I sprayed all the dandelions one by one! I shall get the barbecue out and test it. I’ve bought some charcoal that is easy to light. I think I’ll check; I’ve got plenty; I ordered too much by mistake! I must prepare for summer; it doesn’t last long!

Last summer, we saw temperatures rise close to 40C; I have to be prepared for that too. High pollen counts give me hay fever, and my skin is sensitive to the sun. I might have to change my antihistamine and start using sunblock. However, it will be nice not to wear a thick sweater for a while.

Besides my photography and gardening, my other interest is food. I’m not a great cook, but I try my best and enjoy a nice glass of wine with it. This week the 25% off six bottles of wine at Asda is back, so I might choose a few French wines to keep me going through spring! I also like a small glass of tawny port before my dinner sometimes.

I’m still using Grammarly to check and improve my writing, but it seems to make it a little robotic. My writing style seems to be disappearing! It does correct all my typos, of which there are many! Grammarly is great for some of the things I write and for editing academic papers. I got the premium version for a year for half-price. I’ll assess its usefulness and consider renewing the subscription next year. The cost of different subscriptions adds up over a year and eats into my discretionary income. I have to balance my budget!

Next week we have the coronation with all its pageantry. I don’t know of nearby parties or celebrations I can attend. I would go and take photos if it was something colourful. Light rain showers are forecast for Saturday, so the British weather might make it a washout!


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