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Coronation weekend #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so, as usual, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Here in the UK, it is Coronation weekend as the King is crowned. The event yesterday had all the pageantry as usual. Some aspects included strange traditions and although it was sort of multi-faith, the Church of England ensured that the King would stay protestant. I watched the event on television, but my mind was often elsewhere. I think I set the height of the blade on my lawnmower wrong on Friday. These mundane things can often be more important. I ordered a strimmer to cut the long grass, but that was a mistake; I’ll have to wait today for the delivery.

I want to get back to doing some photography. I might venture out this afternoon if my Amazon delivery comes early. I should have ordered the strimmer today for delivery tomorrow. I prefer to take photos on Sunday when fewer people are around and there is less traffic. I don’t get caught in traffic or get some moron telling me I must get people’s permission to photograph them. I don’t get kids asking me why I’m taking pictures. It’s strange; sometimes, I have known kids to wait until I’ve taken a shot before walking in front of the camera and others like to come and talk to me. I also get the kids that are a nuisance sometimes.

I didn’t do any posts on my blog again this week. My mind has been on other things. My lupus flares and gives me cognitive problems. If you missed my finance post, the issues of inflation and high-interest rates persist. My exciting observation is that shares in UK banks now seem pretty cheap, especially Lloyds. I did some research, and I don’t think the government bonds on Lloyd’s balance sheet present too much risk. As the fuss about banking dies down, UK banking shares could soar. They are making bumper profits.

Gardening has been on my mind a lot. The lawn is over 12 inches high in places and the hedges need cutting back. I’m on my last legs and can’t get much help with the work. I’ll keep doing a bit at a time and see how much I can do through the summer. I hope to get the lawn done before I invite the family for a barbecue. I think the new strimmer might be useful for doing the tops of the hedges and the long grass. Getting the right tools always makes the job easier!

I’m still using Grammarly Premium, which is handy but does change the meaning of sentences if I allow it to rewrite them without checking. The app found a lot of errors in this post, but they weren’t really errors. I don’t think it is worth me paying money for the Premium version next year. I’m writing this using Word. Word has a reasonably good grammar checker.


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