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Photo-worthy things! #ramble

It is nice and sunny in the Black Country now and will probably be a nice weekend. I have a theory that we all tend towards a little depression in winter and the spring sunshine lifts the mood. I’m watching the stock market carefully as I think we are due for a little optimism that could lift the market and drive it north.

I’m watching banking in particular and Lloyds shows a lot of promise. All banking shares have been driven south as investors have realised that a run on a bank and develops very quickly with banking apps and internet banking. Looking at banks’ balance sheets, we find government bonds that have dropped in value with rising interest rates. The good news is people are not likely to draw money out from their bank using an app, they are more likely to go to an ATM. Not many people have more than one bank account. As to the value of the government bonds, as interest rates begin to drop, those bonds will go up in value. I don’t see ultra-low interest rates returning, however. So banking shares could get nudged upward this summer.

I was writing about photography on Tuesdays, but haven’t written a post for a while. We have good weather for it now so I might venture out tomorrow and see what I can find to point my camera at! I like to record the changes as buildings change and the environment changes. I have photographed the nearby town centre a lot over the past few years. Shop signs change and new businesses open. Even back streets change over times.

A fly tipper has dumped a fridge or freezer near the Junction 9 of the M6 motorway. I might try to get a photograph of it. The fridge itself isn’t worth a photo but someone had put posters on it advertising a forthcoming visit from the funfair! That makes it photo-worthy!


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