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The Sunday ramble is back! #ramble

My blog is back but now it is on WordPress. My old blog was hacked and the security wasn’t very good. This new one is a little plain but I can post my Sunday ramble once again. It is a little cathartic to just say what’s on my mind once a week.

I survived the pandemic but it isn’t over yet! I suffer from an autoimmune disease so I have been very careful. My social life isn’t what it used to be so it was fairly easy to avoid people and my own family is careful like me. I’m socialising in my own little bubble.

The last two years have been difficult thanks to people being really stupid. Whether it is Boris shaking hands with people in hospitals at the height of the pandemic and catching the virus himself or his “Partygate” breaches of the law more recently. The stupidity knows no bounds. We have had more stupidity from the Corbyns, Piers Corbyn demonstrating against vaccination and more recently Jeremy Corbyn proclaiming NATO should be broken up at a time when we are relying on NATO to preserve the peace. Do these people ever take a break and really think about things? It seems they don’t, they make important decisions with as little thought as buying their morning latte.

Anyway, the blog is back and despite my advancing years, I’ll continue with the photography too. I even have a photograph in an exhibition at Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery.

Wednesbury through the lens exhibition at Wednesbury MAG.

My picture is on the top row, second from the left! We have a lot of improvements being made to Wednesbury Market Place now and so I will see how they are progressing this afternoon and take a few pictures.

I haven’t got past thinking how to write this post but I’m sure I will be writing more posts on diverse subjects such as photography and finance. I will be writing more Sunday rambles and experimenting with WordPress now it has more features. I have no idea how I’ll use all the features. What can I use a calendar for? There are numerous new “blocks” I can use. Interesting times ahead!


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