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Politicians and leaders. #ramble

My mind has been on food this week after that MP said he could cook a meal for 30p in a swipe against poor people who use food banks. I wondered how cheaply I could do a meal and whether advice to people on how to prepare a meal could be useful. At the moment it would just sound condescending. I can do some interesting meals and I cooked a delicious roast duck at Christmas. You can’t cook a healthy meal for 30p. Even a child’s meal would cost more than that. Maybe that MP got his chef to cook 150 skimpy meals for children?


I was glad Ukraine won Eurovision. Of course, I didn’t watch it. I did watch it once, I think the bearded lady won that year. Putin must have been planning to invade Ukraine for years and he is a threat to other countries like Finland and Sweden. I’m not surprised that they want to join NATO. Inflation has been caused by quantitative easing during the pandemic and is now being made worse by the high oil price. Putin saw an opportunity when he saw the West was weakened by the pandemic and rising oil prices. I don’t think he realised how the West would react, however, and didn’t realise Ukraine would fight back so well. Putin cares nothing for Ukraine or even for his own people, many of whom are still suffering because of covid. People are also suffering covid in North Korea and that is getting out of hand. Shanghai is still in lockdown too. Isn’t communism wonderful?


I see no difference between fascist states and communist states. Putin is as bad as Hitler. I am not against the people of Russia and I do have friends in China who I care about. That’s the problem, isn’t it? Politicians get a little power and try to tell people they can cook a meal for 30p. They get a lot of power and they become psychopathic dictators like Putin. Boris wants to go down in history as a 21st-century Churchill. Churchill wasn’t smart, he was just a loudmouth like Boris.


Politicians tend to be all the same, deluded about how important they are. In a few years’ time, Putin will be just another old man no one cares a toss about. Boris will be just another has-been. Who knows what will befall that 30p meal M.P. He might end up eating his own 30p meals. Politicians have an easy life of just talking and have no idea how the rest of us live.


Will people remember me when I’m dead? Will I go down in history as someone who ran the local history group or as a writer? Will they still look at my photographs and remember me as a photographer? I don’t have such lofty ambitions as to want to go down in history. I’m sure I’ll come up in conversation occasionally but nothing more. Anyway, it is nearly time for lunch. My lunch will cost less than a quid but not as cheap as 30p. I will have a nice healthy salad with baby potatoes. That’ll be easy to cook!


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