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Living for today #ramble

It has been a week since my last post on this site. I haven’t been too well this week, I need to sort myself out! After the intense heat of the heatwave we are back to “normal” English weather this week and it’s raining as I write this. I like to take photos on a Sunday afternoon and I’ll be out and about this afternoon.


The improvements to Wednesbury town are nearing completion and so I might go and take a look at how they are going. People don’t like change so there are a few people complaining already! Small businesses have to change and we now have a lot of barbers, hairdressers and food outlets. It will be a tough winter for many people so they will cut down on takeaways and maybe even start cutting their own hair. The business environment in the town will change as a result. Many businesses will adapt and some will go under.

The pandemic

The pandemic affected businesses big and small and I watch big business and try to make sensible small investments to help me get through this inflationary phase. Prices are soaring and it is the things we need like food and energy. So far I’m adapting well and will weather the storm but many people will struggle through the winter. I made a donation to the food bank a couple of weeks ago and I hope that helps. I’m not sure what else can be done locally.

A new Prime Minister

We will soon have a new Prime Minister and our Peppa Pig PM will move on to pastures new. He will blag his way into some new job. I hope the party faithful don’t pick Liz Truss. I think Rishi Sunshine will be a far better choice.

Living for today

I am trying to live for today and not worry about the future but we have to plan for the future. I see people like Boris who had a very positive attitude to life as a little naive. When his friends and colleagues stabbed him in the back, he didn’t see it coming. It’s always wise not to be too much of a pessimist but don’t be too optimistic either!

What is the purpose?

I’ve run a Facebook page and group for a few years now and was invited to join another group. The admins never stop complaining and the group doesn’t seem to have a purpose or goal. I offered that as advice, decide on an aim for the group. They didn’t appreciate the advice! I’m the same though, with this blog. I had to restart blogging and lost all my old readers so I don’t really know who I’m writing for. I’ve lost the purpose to some extent. Maybe I need to get back to taking more photos and tell my readers more about my environment in photos.


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