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Buddhist and enlightenment? #ramble

It is Sunday morning again so I’ll share my thoughts with you. The heat wave continues here in the UK with temperatures expected to go up to 33 C this afternoon. That is a bit too warm. The air con in the car stopped working too.

Yesterday afternoon, I closed the curtains in my bedroom and put the fan on and spent a couple of hours playing Grand Theft Auto on my Playstation! I stayed cool! I keep hearing about the “metaverse”, I hope it’s as cool as GTA with fast cars and shootouts! I like investing in the GTA stock market too; I’m over $200 million now!

Energy Bills

I’m still thinking about my winter energy bills. I will manage to pay them but the UK imports 50% of its natural gas from Norway and they might ration it. Can I manage using 50% less gas? I think I can. I have turned off my hot water (I’m still using the shower) and I’m managing. It won’t be so easy in winter when the water is freezing but I can still maybe heat a tank of water every two days to cut my gas usage. I can reduce my heating too. I can turn most of the radiators off and stay in one room.


I planted lots of wildflower seeds and I now have some wildflowers attracting the bees and butterflies. Some of the wildflowers started growing on my lawn so I’ll use a broadleaved weedkiller to get rid of those. I think it was Picasso who had a wildflower garden that looked great. I’ll make my garden a work of art!

Climate change

We will have to get used to the effects of climate change. It is 26 C now and I feel quite cool in the shade. I’m not sure if my lawn will survive these higher temperatures but I can always start growing grapes and take up winemaking again! Next time my car is serviced, I must have the air con recharged! Nature changes and evolves, so we must change and evolve with it.


“Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to Insight into the true nature of reality.” I read this definition of Buddhism and I am very much in favour of facing reality and spiritual development. I’m getting on a bit now so I know the importance of nature and I understand the threat that climate change poses. I know when people laugh for no reason, it is a sign of a mental problem and they are losing touch with reality. That seems to happen a lot these days. This week, I have worn a tee shirt, thin linen trousers that are 8 inches too short and leather sandals. Shave my head and I would look like a Buddhist monk. I do have a friend who is a Buddhist and lives in China. I actually interrupted writing this to chat to her using Wechat. She buys animals like rabbits to set them free. I think we can help animals in other ways. The squirrel came to my door earlier and I went out and filled up the bird bath with water and left her some nuts. People who are kind to animals and care about nature are usually good people. As one who has achieved some enlightenment, I can tell you that there are also toxic people who should be avoided.


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